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Hop Aboard Ireland’s first luxury train, The Belmond Grand Hibernian

Tour the Irish landscape in the country’s first luxury train.

Raw, beautiful terrain tends to be a little inaccessible, as people who have had to navigate the narrow, winding paths of Ireland can attest to. But soon you will be able to admire the rugged loveliness of Ireland’s castles and coastlines in supreme comfort, thanks to its first luxury train tour, brought to you by the company that runs the legendary Orient Express rail journeys.

Slated to be launched in August next year, the Belmond Grand Hibernian – Hibernia being the Latin name for Ireland – will house 40 passengers in 10 cars, each decked out in the tartan of a particular county. There will be two dining carriages that serve Irish cuisine and tipples (think cheese, seafood, whisky and Guinness), as well as a lounge and observation car.

Itineraries can be as brief as a two-night stay or as extravagant as a six-night Grand Tour that covers Dublin, Belfast, Portrush and Killarney. Stops will include private tours of historical sites, distilleries and castles, and can even accommodate a game of golf on one of the country’s 300 courses or a visit to Ireland’s best pubs. So, if you want to keep the holiday mood going well into the next year, you can book a trip now on its website.