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Porsche Fans Will Love This 911 Carrera GTS Chair in Their Office

For when you don't want to leave your need for speed at the office building doors.

It’s hard to come right off the octane high from jetting around on a Porsche and immediately dive into the paperwork. Perhaps that’s why the good folks from the German carmaker have fashioned a chair, in which one can bleed off the adrenaline in appropriate style: the Porsche Office Chair RS.

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A leather and metal affair with suede-like Alcantara thrown into the mix, the RS is electronically-adjustable via the same levers and switches as modern car seats. (This is a battery-powered function – otherwise there’d be cables.) There’s even a handy hook for your jacket on the rear side; if you don’t like the idea of a coat rack, this is another reason to get one.