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The 6 must-sees in Silicon Valley for the tech tourist

Put these on your bucket list when you next visit the world’s tech hub.

Silicon Valley is not just the world’s technology hub, it also draws a steady stream of curious travellers hoping to catch a glimpse of life in this cutting edge corner of the planet. Although you can’t get into the oft-raved about ultra-cool headquarters of tech titans such as Facebook and Google unless you are a guest of the company, there are many other ways to get your tech tourist fix in Silicon Valley. Here’s a checklist for geeks planning a visit to the Valley.

  • 1. Check-in at the Facebook sign its Menlo Park HQ

    Located at the entrance to its Menlo Park headquarters, Facebook’s giant “Like” sign is a popular photo-op. What’s more interesting is the back of the sign, which bears the logo of the now-defunct Sun Microsystems. When Facebook took over the premises, which used to be occupied by Sun Microsystems, chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg decided to flip the sign around as “a reminder of what happens when you take your eye off the ball”.