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Ultra-luxe accessory: The S$160,000 Senturion wristband that unlocks your supercar

Why carry a car key around when you can wear a six-figure version on your wrist?

Senturion is the world’s first luxury wrist-wear of its kind, enabling you to wear your supercar on your wrist. You can become part of an exclusive club within the worldwide community of supercar owners as each statement piece can be synchronised with a multitude of luxury car manufacturers.

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    This one's our favourite; it also just happens to be the priciest. Handcrafted Platinum, Flawless Diamonds, Leather, Titanium - £91,630

Every piece is created as part of a limited edition series of only seven, making it the ultimate statement in luxury lifestyle. Senturion will integrate the existing encrypted security system into your device so that it will be fully compatible with your supercar the moment it arrives.

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Over 70 hours are spent on the creation of a single statement piece, with the world’s leading experts involved in every stage of the process, from underwater spark erosion to the precision laser-cutting to a thousandth of a millimetre.

The asteroid at the core of the Senturion meteorite editions (Atlas and Triton) has traveled the Universe for an estimated four billion years, which makes it older than the Earth itself. The Widmanstätten Etch is the product of the slow cooling of the meteorite at zero Kelvin over millions of years in space. This extra-terrestrial pattern cannot be replicated on Earth and is unique for each piece, meaning no two Senturions from the meteorite series are alike.

Senturion also offers bespoke customization options, including the opportunity for clients to commission their own one of a kind piece. Book an appointment for personalization options.

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