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Men’s fashion on the go: 3 new collections for the frequent flyer

Boss, Moncler and Ermenegildo Zegna present three travel-ready kits for the frequent jetsetter.

  • Boss Travel Line


    Forget having to ask the concierge for help with de-wrinkling your suitcase of clothing when you arrive at your destination. Boss’s Travel Line focuses on clothing that is resistant to creases, while looking sharp and being breathable. Suits, for instance, are crafted from a wool blend with exceptional lightness and stretch, and feature stripped-down construction that allows for easy movement. Comfy trousers made from jersey fabric, on the other hand, are tailored for a dressier, work-ready cut. Also worth packing: Business shirts made from cotton enriched with aloe (and here we thought the stuff was just good for soothing burns); they don’t wrinkle easily, and stay crisp yet comfy.

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