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Object of Desire: Panthere de Cartier Watch

The Parisian luxury jeweller introduces two new faces for this timeless timepiece.

Time and time again, Cartier has put out some magnificent watches. With the release of two new watches in the Panthere de Cartier watch collection — the Manchette watch and the Mini watch — it seems this run is no different. The collection is based off the 1980s Panthere, which made its return in 2017, and is crafted specifically for the ladies — Parisienne or otherwise.

Two new design interpretations are unveiled with the latest line-up. The Manchette watch puts the spotlight on the flowing bracelet with its off-centred dial, adorned with diamonds that encircle the watch face. The chain is open-worked, playfully showing more skin while reducing the weight of the timepiece, making for an elegant and versatile horologe.

  • Panthere de Cartier Manchette watch

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What the Mini watch lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in its own definition of taste and style. A timepiece with proportions as its centrepiece, the watch’s design revolves largely around the original Panthere, but a pairing of bracelets can speak volumes and accentuate the beauty of this bijou piece.

Together, these two new watches join the long line of Cartier’s legacy; embodying the spirit of femininity and luxury that the Panthere de Cartier line embraces, while withstanding the test of time to remain contemporary in an ever-changing world.

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