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The Faces of Tradition

A Patek Philippe is a watch that connects generations. Not only has it been the pride of the Stern family for almost a century, the brand also upholds values – both in watchmaking and in life – that can and should be handed down for years to come. We discover what passing values down to the next generation means to these eight families. (A Cortina Watch & Patek Philippe Special.)

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  • Nicholas Goh and Isaac Goh

    Few experience the passage of time as mercilessly as a parent. In what feels like a mere moment, children go from being in a cradle to being able to rock one. That’s why Nicholas Goh, founder and CEO of content consultancy firm Verztec, is acutely aware of time’s immeasurable value.

    “Whenever I’m feeling down at work, I remind myself that I’m doing all this for my family. The times we spend cuddling in the living room watching a movie, and sharing our dreams and talking about how to achieve them, keep me going,” he says. Having grown his company from a team of three to 60 in Singapore and 350 worldwide in nine countries was no easy task, but it’s one that has given him plenty of advice to pass on to his kids. “I want them to learn to be passionate in what they do, to have commitment and focus, and to be compassionate to those around us. As we are blessed, so too must we remember to bless others.”

    (Nicholas Goh) Suit and turtleneck, from Boss. Watch: Patek Philippe 5140P-013
    (Isaac Goh) Pullover, from Hackett

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