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3 new ways avid travellers can see the world

Bespoke travel experiences, travel to the Arctic and underwater drones.


    If you have ever been daunted by the prospect of planning for an Arctic trip, there’s now a one-stop concierge that’ll help you string all the sightseeing and activities together. Book Lapland, a Sweden-based company founded by adventurers wanting to make the Arctic sights more accessible, pledges to help users “build their adventure” in a seamless fashion by offering unprecedented coverage across activity providers, and even realtime updates on availability.
    So pack the fur and go the long haul by cramming dog sledding, ice fishing and gawking at the Northern Lights in one outing. As for concerns on whether the Lights are fading, founder Chad Blakley reassures: “No, they are not getting weaker in the Arctic – in fact, we have experienced some of the most spectacular auroras I have ever seen this winter. (While watching) I have seen grown men cry, couples fall in love, and nervous suitors pop the question.”