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5 new accessories for wine buffs

A roundup of new gadgets, including smart devices, making waves in the wine world.

  • Coravin "Model Eleven," the smart wine preserver

    The Coravin system, which allows drinkers to pour a glass without opening a bottle, relies on a fine needle that can pierce a cork but leave it intact once it has been withdrawn. In June, the American company unveiled its "Model Eleven," a new smart Coravin. When the accessory is attached to a bottle, a green light indicates when the wine can be served. The handy LED display also warns users when they need to change the system's gas cartridge, when it needs to be cleaned and when the battery is running low. Via Bluetooth, the Coravin can connect to the dedicated application Coravin Moments, which allows users to consult tasting notes and pair wines with different foods. Wine lovers can also take pictures of their favourite bottles and stock them in a virtual wine cellar.

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