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5 Singapore power couples share their most romantic moments

There's a leaf to be taken from each of these couples' books.

  • SuLyn_Aun_Bliss
    Tan Su-Lyn and Aun Koh

    (Aun) The long haul: "I think after a decade and a half of marriage, romance isn't what keeps a couple together. What's much more important are generosity, trust and support. And these, Su-Lyn has given me in spades. I'm definitely not the easiest guy to live with: serial entrepreneur, risk-taker, dreamer, and wannabe changemaker. All the things most women would probably run away screaming from.

    "But Su-Lyn has stuck by me, encouraged me, humoured me, and given me the space to succeed or fail without ever judging me. I know that so many of the little things she does, she does as her way of saying, "I love you." And the long term effect of these small blessings are much more essential than any grandiose or overly romantic gesture could ever be. She's humoured my stupid requests over the years; she's gone along to places and events she'd normally never consider a worthwhile way to spend her time; and she's done so without ever expecting me to reciprocate. Which is amazing. And these are the things I cherish most in our partnership and life together. "

    (Su-Lyn) : "Frankly, Aun is a very thoughtful and supportive husband. He makes no secret of the fact that he is my number one fan. I couldn't do what I do without him, and I couldn't hope for more in my life partner. It's hard to single out just one romantic gesture when we've been married for nearly 16 years. A strong relationship is built on near wordless teamwork that involves complementing one another's strengths and weaknesses.

    "But when we were much younger (and had a bathtub), he would draw me candlelit baths. One particular evening, knowing that I love tomatoes, he stuffed strawberries into fruit tomatoes and hand fed me while I soaked in the tub after a particularly tough day at work. Little gestures like these, that communicate "I understand your innermost you, and I know how to help you regain your strength", go a long way."

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