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Cutlery reinvented? 5 forks, knives and spoons with a unique twist

A machine gun spoon and pliers knife are just the tip of this iceberg.

To encourage individuals to pay attention to their food, the Amsterdam-based Steinbeisser art initiative worked with more than 50 artists to reinvent cutlery. Says co-founder Martin Kullik: “People barely chew any more. Everyone rushes when they eat. Interactive tableware forces people to slow down and think about how, not just what, they eat.” The pieces are used in Michelin-starred restaurants in the Netherlands, and more recently New York, to create experimental dinners. Our note to diners: Don’t go famished.

  • The Thorn Branch Spoon by Gabi Veit


    Italian jewellery designer Gabi Veit’s creations stem from a long-standing love for spoons. Inspired by nature, they often take the form of leaves, pods and branches. The Thorn Branch Spoon, made of oxidised sterling silver, requires the diner to use both hands to balance, scoop and consume.

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