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Emporio Armani’s restaurant-cafe in Paris actually got a Michelin star in 2018

Italian luxury brand Armani becomes known for more than its fashion in the Michelin Guide France 2018.

If you thought food and fashion were mutually exclusive, let the Michelin Guide change your mind. It found the food at the Emporio Armani restaurant and caffe in Paris worthy of a star in its just-released 2018 list. Helmed by chef Massimo Tringali, the restaurant opened in 1998 as the first of 25 eateries – including eight cafes – opened by designer Giorgio Armani around the world including Tokyo, Dubai and Santiago. The star comes after the Paris restaurant and cafe were fully renovated in 2016 together with the flagship store. According to the Guide, the chef cooks “lovely Italian cuisine, mainly Milanese, using very fine ingredients”. Giorgio, who also has the luxe Armani restaurants under his belt, should be proud.

This story originally appeared in The Business Times.