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Footballer Hidetoshi Nakata Scores with His Own Sake Label

Who better to promote the self-contained Japanese sake industry than a dashing national hero?

Ask anyone to name a famous Asian footballer, and they’ll probably pipe up: “Nakata”. Ask them again what the numbers on a sake bottle denote, or to even name the label, and they’re likely to come up blank.

That’s why Hidetoshi Nakata makes the perfect frontman to raise the profile of the relatively poorly understood sake. Better yet – he’s doing it himself. The 39-year-old has gone ahead and created his very own premium sake label, simply known as ‘N’ Sake, and has been hosting tasting sessions across the globe to demonstrate just how tasty and versatile high-quality sake can be.



He’s also behind Sakenomy, an app that’s both a bottle-identifying software and a field manual of sake appreciation basics. Naturally, he’s putting up sake bars, too; he’s got one apiece in Hong Kong and London, and Singapore is on the cards.


True to the vision of promoting sake abroad, the elegant ‘N’ bottles may be purchased only outside of Japan, with a hundred bottles made available for sale in Singapore.

Available from Schmidt Vinothek Singapore. Sakenomy is available on the App Store and Google Play.