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Socially-conscious, luxe hotels to check into

Rack up some good karma at your next vacation.

Stimulating the local economy community, nurturing the community and protecting the environment—doing good could be as easy as booking into one of these luxe lodgings.

Rockhouse Hotel Jamaica

Rockhouse Hotel offers a getaway right next to the brilliant blue of the Caribbean ocean.

Rockhouse Hotel, Jamaica

Nestled amid rugged limestone cliff s is the Rockhouse Hotel—a cluster of rustic thatched stone villas facing the brilliant blue Caribbean ocean. This luxurious hotel boasts renowned restaurants serving up traditional island fare, a world-class spa and bathhouse, and crystal-clear ocean waters perfect for diving and snorkelling, making it a vacation spot that many celebrities (including members of The Rolling Stones and the Duchess of Sussex) hold dear to their hearts. What truly makes it special is its charitable and eco-conscious ethos: The hotel funds the Rockhouse Foundation, which is devoted to improving the lives of Jamaican children. So far over US$5 million has been donated to expand the education system, fund tech-based literacy programmes and build schools.

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Nihi Sumba

Tropical style meets beach chic at the Nihi Sumba, with traditional grass-thatched menara roofs, open lounges and teak wood.

Nihi Sumba, Indonesia

Located a 50-minute flight away from Bali, the island of Sumba is home to this award winning luxury resort with 38 rooms spread across 27 luxurious villas. There is a 2.5-km-long private beach that features an amazing surf break, as well as a range of wellness-focused activities like the indulgent Spa Safari which treats guests to all-day unlimited spa treatments. Apart from beautiful sights and high-living experiences, Nihi Sumba also offers guests a chance to do their part for the local economy by simply staying at the resort. It creates many jobs for the islanders—as the Sumbanese account for over 90 percent of their staff , the resort is by far the biggest employer on the island. Nihi Sumba also contributes a portion of its profi ts to the Sumba Foundation, to build medical clinics and water wells, refurbish schools and provide lunches for under-nourished children on the island.

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Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef Safari Camp

Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef Safari Camp

For a true luxury glamping experience, the Sal Salis eco-resort provides the perfect opportunity to explore the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef. The exclusivity of the resort comes from its restricted capacity—there are only 15 pavilions—as well as its unique location. Offering spectacular ocean views from its position on a remote stretch of Western Australia’s Ningaloo coast, Sal Salis offers guests opportunities to swim with whale sharks, humpback whales and dugongs. Not surprisingly, the resort is firmly committed to preserving the beautiful reef and wildlife, generously supporting Western Australia’s Department of Biodiversity and Conservation. Their top-notch eco-credentials also come from extensive use of solar panels as well as a big push to minimise water and material waste, all to protect Australia’s precious natural heritage.

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This article was originally published in Harper’s Bazaar.