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6 Homegrown Tastes, Totally

Toss out the supersized bag of chips and snack on these goodies by our local small-batch producers instead.

01. All in a Teacup – Pin TeaPinTea1

Pin Tea debuts eight blends inspired by uniquely Singaporean locales. Tekka Minute is a Fujian green tea imprinted with the finest jasmine petals, which brings to mind floral garland merchants that line the streets of Little India. Kampong Glamour is an oolong tea studded with dried peppermint leaves, exclusively grown for Pin Tea by Comcrop, the rooftop urban farm in bustling Orchard Road. Now that’s truly keeping things local.

02: Heating Things Up, Since 1984 – Devagi


Way before hipster start-ups, there was Epicurean World, established in 1984 by Devagi Sanmugam, cookbook author, cooking instructor and Singapore’s “Spice Queen”. From this label comes some versatile jams, syrups and condiments – such as this best-seller of Apple Chilli Chutney, which is as perfect with a nicely charred ayam bakar as it is with a grilled cheese sandwich. Head on over to

03: Milking it – The Milk Co.


Tee Mun Khui’s ailment-ridden honeymoon in the Maldives triggered a major lifestyle change for this executive search operative, who’s now also a certified health coach. Swopping antibiotics and processed foods for natural ingredients, she founded The Milk Co, whose sole product is almond milk. Made from pre-soaked and blended raw almonds and fl avoured with Himalayan salt, it is fresh, unpasteurised, gluten, dairy and preservatives-free. The creamy, undiluted pure white liquid is heaven-sent for lactose-intolerants, even if it lasts only three days.

04: Cutting It with Cookies -Al Frank Cookies


This endearing takeaway cookie boutique in Haji Lane is the brainchild of Frank Yap, who switched from weighing carats in his family goldsmith business to measuring baking staples. The entrepreneur – who is also a professionally trained pastry chef – and his daughter now fill the street with the aroma of his fresh gluten-free cookies. The bite-sized delights are all flourless, its wheat substituted with the fi nest oatmeal from Australia. We defi nitely didn’t miss the flour – the Oatmeal Macadamia Cookies, the bakery’s bestseller, and the Double Belgium Chocolate variety are exceptionally crunchy and delicious. Now, who says you can’t have your cookie and eat it too?

05: A (Good) Nut Case – Nutteree


Peanut-butter sandwiches are Janine Campbell’s favourite – but she discovered she is allergic to them. Not impressed by alternatives offered locally and pricey imports, she decided to make her own – and Nutteree was born. Now, the TV producer by day is a “Chief Nut” by night, producing almond butter that uses five ingredients or less, and, of course, nothing artificial. Made in small batches by slowly roasting almonds before blending, the public loves the Honey & Sea Salt version, with its eat-by-spoonfuls sweet and savoury flavours. She has recently introduced Maple & Honey Glazed Nuts to her repertoire, which is no less addictive – try it on top of your ice cream.

06. A Terrific Jam – Straits Preserves


What does one do when faced with a surplus of ripe calamansi limes on the balcony? Sharon Lee turned them into marmalade, which went on to clinch six awards in the UK, including The World’s Best International Marmalade Award. The Tropical Calamansi is the signature product of Straits Preserves, marrying the sweetness of pineapple beautifully with the sourness of limes. Lee even turned the iconic Singapore Sling into a jam – now here’s a cocktail you can have with your morning croissant. View the spread at, forgive the pun.