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Gin lovers in Singapore, you can now relish the much-hailed zesty Tanqueray Rangpur

Lime defines this Tanqueray creation - but it's been absent from the region for over a decade.

The Tanqueray Rangpur Gin has finally made its debut in Asia, and is now available across Singapore in selected bars and restaurants. The distilled gin offers an excellent balance of juniper and zest, with a citrusy twist.

Once dismissed as old-fashioned, gin is now experiencing a revival across Asia and we’re excited to be introducing the Rangpur in the Singapore market of Gin lovers,” said Fabricio Marques, Diageo Reserve’s brand development manager for Asia Pacific.

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The gin brings a smooth palate with a pleasant balance that is characteristic of the award-winning Tanqueray, with a crisp, lemony finish and a touch of peppery heat. Rangpur first launched worldwide over a decade ago, winning gold, double gold and platinum awards at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition from 2007 to 2009.

The Rangpur lime, from which the exciting new gin was inspired, brings the invigorating zest of lime with the sweet juiciness of Mandarin oranges. Of course, the Tanqueray Rangpur Gin distills the Rangpur lime with other botanicals, bringing a revitalizing yet subtle flavor with a noticeably Asian twist. Indeed, you would find this particular gin ideal for classic cocktails including the highball, the all-time favorite martini, or even a shot on the rocks.

“Putting a zesty twist on the world’s finest gin, Tanqueray Rangpur Gin is one not to be missed,” said Marques. “Be it straight up or in a cocktail, it brings out a unique flavour – a refreshing blend of citrus and botanicals. It is refreshing and well-balanced – a bartender’s dream!”

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