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There’s much more to Le Bon Funk than adventurous natural wines – the food’s great

One of the items on the menu features finely grated foie gras on warm toast.

Chef Keirin Buck

The reason why Le Bon Funk – the city’s hottest spot for natural wines – is on the food page: chef Keirin Buck is cranking out sublime, memorable bites that match the audacity of the bottled stuff. “Travesty” is what some people might call freezing and finely grating foie gras, then heaping it like winter’s first snow on warm toast. Direct these souls to The Lo & Behold Group’s swanky spot on Club Street and watch as their conviction, like the foie gras, puddles into a savoury mess in the mouth. In a single, David Chang-ratified stroke, Buck turns unctuous to airy and sees to it that the bed of brioche (baked in-house) is soaked through with goodness. The ingenuity spans over a dozen dishes and rotates often – don’t miss out.

29 Club Street. Tel: 6224-1490.

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