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[VIDEO] Love Pandan Chicken? Try this simple recipe by The MeatMen

Learn how to do pandan chicken two ways in under 2 minutes. (Brought to you by Miele.)

Fans of Thai food will be familiar with the snack pandan chicken, which is equal parts caramelised and nutty goodness imparted during the deep-frying or baking processes. The characteristic fragrance of the pandan leaf is also locked into the meat.

This video shows – in just under 2 minutes – how to prepare the marinade, dipping sauce and how to fold the leaves, so you can present your guests with a delicious platter of pandan chicken two ways.

Part of a November collaboration between TV network TLC and The MeatMen to bring Southeast Asian eats to everyone’s kitchen – stay tuned for another video next week.



Brought to you by Miele.