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Object of desire: JetPack Aviation Speeder

Welcome to the future - care for a flying motorcycle?

The year is 2019. Electric cars, blade-less fans and foldable smartphones are now a reality. So are flying motorcycles.

You heard right. It’s the stuff of any Star Wars or Batman fan’s ultimate dream. After bringing their jetpacks to the market, JetPack Aviation is taking yet another audacious step forward in the name of fight – their new flying motorcycle.

Christened “Speeder”, the bike is brainchild of the company’s chief executive officer David Mayman – who, after having designed the jetpacks and gotten approval from aviation authorities, took a public flight around the Statue of Liberty.

“The primary purpose of our new aircraft is to save lives,” said Mayman in a press release. “Multiple studies have shown that for every minute saved in emergency response time, a significant decrease in victim mortality occurs. The quicker a First Responder can reach a patient in need of critical treatment, the higher the chance for a successful recovery outcome.”

JetPack Aviation Speeder

The Speeder, given its ability to operate in spaces inaccessible by helicopters, allows it to be deployed as an emergency vehicle.

The smaller vehicle is able to reach and safely operate in spaces that are inaccessible by helicopters, and has the ability to morph from pilot to cargo configuration – further broadening the Speeder’s usage in the medical field.

Besides this, the “aircraft” can achieve maximum speeds of 241km/h and elevation up to 4.5km. It runs for about 20 minutes, depending on the pilot’s weight and its altitude, fuelled by kerosene, diesel or Jet A (aviation turbine fuel). Safety-wise, the Speeder comes with 360-degree collision avoidance, as well as a built-in two-way aviation radio system covering both air-to-air and air-to-ground communications.

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With four turbojet engines, this beast packs a punch in terms of power and speed. “There simply is no source of thrust that comes close to the power and speed potential of turbine engines,” said Mayman. Yet, with the steady pickup of battery power, the future may see an electrical form this already futuristic conveyance.

Only 20 are being produced for personal-use, and as aviation racing leagues become a thing with the first-ever jetpack racing leagues kicking off this year, it’s high time to get one of these flying toys for yourself.

Available for pre-order at JetPack Aviation.

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