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Luxury Homes: A beautifully restored heritage shophouse with a loft

This shophouse is hailed for its heritage contribution.

  • heritage shophouse singapore

    Dark, dingy and grim aren’t usually the criteria a house-hunter puts on his wish list, but for married couple Chin Sing Ping and Sharon Tay, looks didn’t matter in their quest to buy a shophouse.

    “We love shophouses and didn’t want to move into one that was already restored and renovated,” says Tay, a homemaker. “We wanted one that was old so that we could redesign it to our preferences.”

    That was how their property agent took them to see a dilapidated shophouse on Onan Road that had previously been used as a workers’ dormitory. Needless to say, the couple fell in love with it.

This article was originally published in The Business Times.

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