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Object of desire: Arion 1725 crystal-studded stemware

For glassware with glitz, look no further than these vessels embellished with over 500 Swarovski crystals.

When it’s time to break out the 1989 Petrus, you’ll do well to have the appropriate stemware – or rather, crystalware – ready for the occasion. None are quite as deserving as these crystal-studded glasses from Arion 1725, a three-year-old company specialising in sparkling stemware.

Founded by venture capitalist Joaquin Fernandez de Cordova Hohenlohe, Arion 1725 made its dazzling debut in 2016 with the Marques de Povar collection, featuring wine glasses, champagne flutes, and decanters each embellished with over 80 Swarovski crystals. The crystals are laid onto the glass surfaces using Swarovski’s patented ultraviolet-light glue, extending the durability of each vessel while making it dishwasher-safe.

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arion 1725

Over 500 crystals feature in Arion 1725’s Duque de Arión glassware collection.

Subsequent collections of glassware released by Arion 1725 veer into maximalist territory, with the sophomore collection hitting 250 crystals per glassware and the third and most recent collection packing in more than 500 crystals. With wine glasses heaving under the weight of that many crystals, expect to do some heavy lifting when you’re swirling and sipping.

Those who prefer to go light on the bling but heavy on design can work with Arion 1725 to customise one-of-a-kind stemware featuring logos, monograms, and patterns created from Swarovski crystals in over 100 colours.

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Available from Arion 1725.