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Singapore Art Museum to showcase “After Utopia”

The journey to nirvana is closer than you think.

Come April 30, the grounds at the Singapore Art Museum would be home to the latest exhibition, After Utopia: Revisiting The Ideal in Asian Contemporary Art.

After Utopia examines how humanity longs for a better, more perfect world, and this is done in four chapters. The first of which explores the metaphorical “Garden of Eden”, and the second moves forward into the urban era of society, while the third touches on the ideologies that have shaped nations and communities, before concluding with a reminder that utopia is all but an idea.

Not only would After Utopia feature our homegrown artists like Ian Woo and Tang Da Wu, international talents from the likes of The Propeller Group (USA and Vietnam) and Gao Lei (China) would also see their works displayed in this exhibition.

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After Utopia: Revisiting The Ideal in Asian Contemporary Art runs from April 30 2015 to October 18 2015.