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The air-conditioner for the eco-minded homeowner

Mitsubishi Electric’s latest Starmex FN Wall Mounted air-conditioning series accrues energy savings of up to 45 per cent.

While Mitsubishi Electric Asia is a household name in Singapore, with a longstanding reputation for providing quality technology products, what is lesser known is that behind its manufacturing processes, it is a company that is also working to build a greener future for the world, thanks to its Eco Changes policy. Eco Changes is a mission that started with Mitsubishi Electric Asia’s parent company, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, to promote respect for biodiversity and the environment, as well as sustainability efforts such as recycling. It has two overarching goals: to sell products and services that contribute to the environment and to society, and to hone its efficient manufacturing techniques that their overall environmental impact is minimised.

An example of an efficient product with such benefits is Mitsubishi Electric’s latest Starmex FN Wall Mounted air-conditioning series. Those units boast a Dual Barrier coating on the inner surface to prevent dust and dirt from adhering to the air-conditioner, while a microparticle filter fences out up to 99 per cent of harmful PM2.5 particles. An Easy Clean feature improves operating efficiency and energy savings by up to 45 per cent. Deservedly, Mitsubishi Electric has earned the honour of having the widest range of air-conditioners in Singapore with the full 5 Ticks Excellent Energy Efficiency rating from the National Environment Agency.

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Besides producing energy-efficient goods, Mitsubishi Electric also encourages its employees to participate in corporate social responsibility initiatives. Its global efforts range from an award-winning children’s education programme in the UK on energy conservation, to wide-scale tree planting exercises around the world. In Singapore, community-focused activities such as beach cleaning and participation in the Government’s environmental initiatives take place regularly.

Through action and education, Mitsubishi Electric continues its efforts to change the global environment for the better.

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