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The smell of opulence: The new Amouroud Elixir Collection

The new Amouroud Parfum collection is the smell of the Gods.

Fragrance brand Amouroud Parfum burst into the scene fairly recently in 2016 with its first unisex perfume. Since then, it has been slowly garnering followers and enthusiasts, many of whom fell in love with the brand’s mastery of proportion and balance in its perfumes. Amouroud has worked with noses such as Cecile Hua, Patricia Choux and John Mastracola to create its masterpiece and has released a staggering total of 18 fragrances. Its latest effort is the Amouroud Elixir Collection – a three-perfume release that the brand deems its crown jewels.

The Extrait de Parfum is purportedly made from the world’s rarest and most natural ingredients. Warm deep wood notes combined with East Indian spices and breath-taking florals are blended together to create powerful fragrance statements. We break down the three new unisex perfumes from Amouroud Parfum below.

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Golden Oud

Amouroud Elixir Collection

At its core is a natural Indian Agarwood resin, which is known as liquid gold in some parts of the world due to its exorbitant price tag. Agarwood can go up to a whopping US$10,000 per kilogram of wood. The resin itself is layered on top of fruits and florals as well as Madagascan Vanilla and Patchouli Orris mist to create quite the sensory experience for your nose. There is a sumptuous warmth to Golden Oud that you wouldn’t normally get in your run-of-the-mill fragrances.

Mysterious Rose

Amouroud Elixir - Mysterious Rose

Three separate roses – Damascus, Bulgarian and Tibetan varietals – come together to form this floral perfume. Amouroud Parfum then adds natural forest notes and a selection of warm woods to simmer it down to a dark, delicately layered fragrance that reminds one of a glorious journey among the night stars.

Noir Illumine

Amouroud Elixir - Noir Illlumine

Cardamom, ginger and wild cinnamon blend with a base of black plum nectar to form this polarising perfume. Natural rose and tuberose create the top notes before it plunges into a bouquet of passionflower and Egyptian jasmine. Finally, after a couple of hours, notes of dark chocolate and vetiver waft their way into your attention, creating a fragrance that is at once bright and dark.

The Amouroud Elixir Collection is priced at $450 for each bottle (75ml) and can be found as escentials ION and