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Virgin’s In the Bed Business

The man who boldly named his company “Virgin” has developed a hotel bed that’s designed with hard work in mind.

At the year-old Virgin Hotels Chicago, the beds are reminiscent of airline pod seats. You know, the ones that look conducive to sleeping in throughout your red-eye fl ights, but which you slump in as you plough through your board presentations.

And it looks like there’s no rest for the weary upon arrival at Richard Branson’s first Virgin-branded hotel either. Each of the establishment’s 250 rooms features a patent-pending ergonomic Lounge Bed that is designed around the business traveller’s penchant for working in bed.

Think super-comfy padded headboards that recline at a 120-degree angle, so that you can sit back comfortably while working on your laptop. The bed also boasts a “cubby hole” on both sides of the headboard and at the foot of the bed – perfect for three people to build a pillow fort in which to solve the world’s problems. (Not to worry, the mattress is reinforced on the end of the bed so that you don’t sink in the minute you lean back.) Several electrical outlets are also thoughtfully situated around the bed so you can charge your devices as you work. Or play.

The Lounge Bed has received such positive feedback that the hotel started selling them in December last year. Yes, fans of the Virgin brand might like to have fun – but let no one say they don’t have great work ethics.