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What goes into the $150,000 Hastens bed?

Can dreams be handcrafted? According to Swedish bedmakers, the answer's a 'yes'.

That it takes Swedish master craftsmen a total of 320 man-hours to painstakingly put a Vividus bed together seems like a surefire sign of quality. That they promise to redo it all, gratis, should they fail to meet your exacting demands puts the bar even higher.

Of course, you’ll have to fly to one of their appropriately-outfitted stores, where a VIP session with a ‘sleep consultant’ will assist in drawing up plans for the perfect bed for you. As the Indonesian branch doesn’t fall into that category, you’ll have to head up to Shenzhen, China.

Finally, a bed you can really call yours.

All 210kg of the finished product comes from natural sources. Think braided horsehair or flax – you won’t find plastics or nylon here. We’d expect nothing less from a bed that describes the experience as  “touching a dream”.