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[VIDEO] Why BMW’s M2 Coupe Deserves a Spot in Your Garage

Handling so sharp, you can probably drive it backwards.

The subcompact car category has just received its shakedown in the form of BMW’s new M2 Coupe. Numbers first: The two-door, four-seater hits the 100kmh mark in 4.2 seconds, courtesy of the 3-litre, 365bhp six-cylinder engine.

But speed’s a given. It’s the outstanding handling that has set the motoring world abuzz. It poured on launch day in Singapore, but the stunt driver was drifting around a safety cone faster than a tumble dryer spins. And he was driving backwards.

Full marks in the looks department, too – this car’s hunched and muscled physique says: “You’re in my way”. If assertiveness is a valued trait, make a spot in the garage for this one.

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