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Call on this woodworking workshop for stunning custom carpentry

For sustainably crafted surface panels, and quality carpentry works, pay a visit to multidisciplinary workshop Woodvibesonly.

There’s nothing quite like wood to add warmth, character and natural beauty to a space. If you’re looking to up your home decorating game with beautiful wood furnishings, be it parquet flooring, an arresting feature wall or chic furniture, make your way to multidisciplinary workshop Woodvibesonly. The warehouse unit is currently home to two in-house brands, Oliowood and Mokkomokko, as well as Ukrainian label Gushka Wool.

Oliowood occupies the first level and upon stepping in, visitors will find its beautiful handcrafted surface panels lining the walls. In a nod to sustainability, these give reclaimed wood, namely unused off-cuts and small wedges from timber construction, a new lease of life.

  • Woodvibesonly

    Woodvibesonly shop interior.

In fact, Oliowood promises no trees cut in the process of creating its designs. Salvaged solid wood pieces are meticulously restored and assembled to create customisable eye-catching tessellated panels. These can be fashioned into stylish tables and stools, used as flooring or as decorative wall panels that add depth and visual interest to your space. Wood types run the gamut from teak, mahogany, oak and walnut to other specialty hardwoods.