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Can this high-resolution digital frame replace real art pieces in your home?

A superbly-styled flat screen in a frame that has its place in a collector's repertoire.

American-based startup Depict is launching a nifty product that’s, at its core, a high-definition 4K television masquerading as an art frame. Before turning your noses up, take a look at just how convincing it can be.

Sans a power cord running from a corner of the frame, Depict looks like a good fit in a modern domicile or office space, where most visitors would be none the wiser. Certainly the company has the frame’s aesthetic down pat. They’ve also taken care of the curation aspect by offering fresh artwork options each month through a smartphone app. The functionality to add one’s own pieces may come at a later date, and will be of interest to collectors who want a replica of a piece they already own.

The Depict app, currently available on iOS and with an Android version on the way.

But it’s hard to see Depict moving units in the primary domain of serious art aficionados. The admiration of art, as idiosyncratic as it may sound, goes beyond appreciating the visuals of a masterpiece. Physical proximity to the same stretch of canvas that the artist toiled over is a conduit in itself – a bridge of sorts between observer and creator that transcends time periods and space. It’ll also be hard to appreciate any three-dimensional nuances – such as paint layering or textural play – when the art piece is pixels on a flat screen.

Still, it is a cleanly-executed and simple concept with its own market. We can’t fault the design beyond wishing there were easy ways to conceal the power cable – anything short of custom trunking inside the walls is going to be a blip in the illusion. Head on over to their website if you can see this working out for your office space or holiday home.