Next Generation: 12 Young Hawkers Shaping the Future of Singapore Food

Some might say that the bestowing of one star each on two hawker stalls in the inaugural Michelin Guide Singapore gives the humble genre “star appeal” – but these 12 young hawkers didn’t need that to make preserving and updating our local food heritage their mission.

A young woman bravely sat her father down for a firm talk about who’s boss. Two brothers gave up good degrees in IT and engineering to flip dough. Still others sacrificed sleep and personal time to sweat it out over a hot stove. Their stories are here. And they stem from one thing: passion.

TEXT Meryl Koh ART DIRECTION Fazlie Hashim & Jean Yap PHOTOGRAPHY Vernon Wong & Wong Wei Liang STYLING Doreen Tan HAIR & MAKE UP Angel Gwee, assisted by Eunice Wong, & Sha Shamsi