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4 workouts you can do anywhere, for the business executive on the go

Fitness trainers share routines perfect for busy individuals.

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  • 15 minutes for the busy executive


    Dylan Goddard, 31, head coach and manager, Crossfit Tanjong Pagar


    01 Squat jumps (30s)

    02 T-Push up (30s)

    03 Side plank (30s)

    04 Alt jumping lunges (30s)

    05 Towel pull-ups/rows (30s)

    This is an improvised version of the row exercise that you can perform at home, in the office or in your hotel room. Take a bath towel and spread it flat over the top of a door and shut the door tightly, ensuring that the towel is secured and firmly in place.

    Incline your body at an angle so that your feet are facing the door, with your upper body leaning away as you hold onto the ends of the towel firmly with both hands. Focus on your upper body strength and pull yourself up in consistent row movements.

    06 Front leaning rest into elbow/low plank (30s)

    Repeat these 6 exercises in this sequence, 3 times, for a total of 15 minutes.

    15sec breaks in between each exercise.


    This workout is ideal for the jet-setting executive who shuffles between international meetings. Insufficient sleep paired with irregular mealtimes can result in you packing on the pounds quickly, if left unchecked. Apart from focusing on your core and entire upper and lower body, the routine will improve your overall strength, stamina and help reduce overall body fat. Designed to accommodate the office, hotel or home setting, this workout eliminates any excuse you have for not exercising, whether it’s just before you tuck into breakfast or in between meetings.

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