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How Audi on Demand’s elite rental service is redefining the mobility game

The German carmaker gives the option to drive any of its models from only a few hours to a period of 28 days.

Responding to the rapidly changing nature of personal mobility, Audi has launched a service that allows customers to drive a range of the marque’s premium cars at their convenience. With Audi on demand, the choice of cars goes beyond what’s available in his garage. If he needs a vehicle for a top-down drive, for example, he can take the sporty A3 Cabriolet. For a snazzy function, the curvaceous two-door TT Coupe will do the trick. Or, if it’s a family trip to Malaysia, the Q7 SUV has got the sturdy heft.

What’s more, the car is delivered to the customer’s doorstep by an Audi on demand concierge and picked up at the end of the drive, saving the busy executive the effort of planning the logistics of car rental.

The service is also available in cities like San Francisco, Munich, Manchester, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, giving even more fl exibility to the user. The concierge is on hand to thoroughly explain the workings of the vehicle. Indeed, with Audi on demand, the user can have an extended experience with any given model before deciding to purchase one.

In Singapore, the vehicles can be booked for a minimum of four hours and a maximum of 28 days, with prices starting from $76 for the A3 Sportback. The rates include comprehensive insurance coverage and can include others who intend to drive the vehicle.

Booking is simple with Audi on demand’s seamless and easy-to-use online interface, which shows the availability of each vehicle and its specifications and equipment offerings. The right car for your needs has never been more convenient. For more information visit

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